Dr. Anthony Revis

With your mighty ARM you redeemed your people...

Psalm 77:15

Daily Word

"And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision..." Habakkuk 2:2​

"I will restore your leaders as in days of old..." Isaiah 1:26


The Word of God is central to our ministry efforts. We strive to make the word of God available to all ages and nationalities. We believe that ministry should speak to the hearts of people in real time to strengthen their lives. ARM is a ministry that moves at the pulse of God! God's Word guides us.



ARM is a Christian based ministry. We put our faith in the Word of God as given in the Holy Bible. It is that faith that brings us into a relationship with Jesus. And because we believe in Jesus, we are saved and destined for eternal life in heaven.



Anthony Revis Ministries (ARM) is the ministry network of Dr. Anthony Revis. The vision is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Bible education, published media, creative arts and mentoring under the guide of the Holy Spirit.

"Raising an ARM, Growing a Kingdom"

With your mighty ARM you redeemed...Psalm 77:15

Anthony Revis Ministries is fully incorporated in the State of Michigan USA as a non-profit 501 (c) 3 ecclesiastical (church) organization. It is a Christian based organization that follows the principles of the 66 book Holy Bible to support its Doctrinal Beliefs.

Dr. Anthony Revis is Founder and President of Anthony Revis Ministries (ARM). He is committed to leading ministry growth in church,community and family! Dr. Revis is an educator of God's people who strives to make God's Word vivid in the lives of those he meets. He leads by the prophetic voice of God.


ARM is powered by the word of God through prayer! Contact us with your Prayer Request. God is able to meet each of your needs because of His great love!