Dr. Anthony Revis

With your mighty ARM you redeemed your people...

Psalm 77:15

"Raising an ARM, Growing a Kingdom"

Campus and Distant Learning

"For the LORD gives wisdom; From His mouth come knowledge and understanding." Proverbs 2:6 (NIV)

The Organization

President and Chancellor

Dr. Anthony Revis is President and Chancellor. He holds a Doctorate in Pastoral Studies from Evangel Christian University of America and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Iowa State University. Our staff also hold higher education degrees.

Doctrinal Beliefs
ARM Bible Training Institute is Christian Bible College with Doctrinal Beliefs based on Holy Bible as the sole authority. We teach the entire Bible.

Legal Status
ARM Bible Training Institute is incorporated as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization in the state of Michigan, USA to grant Christian awards, certificates and degrees for ecclesiastical purposes.

ARM Bible Training Institute is accredited by the World Wide Accrediting

Commission of Christian Educational Institutions. It is not certified by any federal (regional) agency. Its degrees are solely for Christian ministries and services of an ecclesiastical nature. If that's your goal, we're your school!

ARM Bible Training Institute

With your mighty ARM you redeemed...Psalm 77:15

      Springfield Massachusetts USA Campus

ARM Bible Training Institute has major U.S. campus located in Springfield, Massachusetts. Minister Gregory Jones, of Still Waters Christian Life Ministries is Director. Register here.

What We Offer

Bible Education

The educational studies at ARM BTI are designed to help the students discern the movement of God in their lives. To do so, students are taught how to properly read and evaluate scripture using various tools and methods. Our educational process is well proven. Get a catalog now.


There are one, two, three and four year programs to meet your needs. These can be taken on campus or by distant learning. Manuals and audio CDs are available for several courses. Your needs are considered for your program. 

Low Cost

Attending ARM Bible Training Institute is extremely affordable. The application fee is $10, tuition  is $125 per credit or $500 per typical course. A degree typically cost about $3,000. A Senior Pastor's Doctorate is $1200. We work to keep our cost low for you.

Decree Programs

We offer Certificate, Associate, Bachelor, Master's, Doctorate, Honorary Doctorate and Life Experience awards, all for Christian service. We also offer Layman Licensing. .

International Campuses

We have campuses in Midland Michigan USA, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Kenya and Ghana.

Flexible Schedule

​Campus classes run for three semesters. Contact us for campus and distant start dates.

"Where Excellence in Ministry Meets Excellence in Education"

ARM Bible Training Institute is the Bible College of Dr. Anthony Revis, Founder and President. It was started in 1999 to train young pastors and was established as a full Bible College in 2005. It offers a lower cost alternative to larger seminaries with the same high quality in teaching the Word of God.  Our focus is on Christian growth through the Word of God, offering only Bible courses, while considering your secular education. You move faster towards your goal of being certified as a credible ambassador for Jesus Christ. Join us today!